We offer a full range of land survey services, allowing various options to be combined for the perfect package tailored for you. And because we value long-term relationships with our customers, you can be assured we'll be there when you need us, no matter what survey requirements you project has.

Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys

Sometimes referred to generically as 'land surveys', topographical surveys are required to highlight all features within a given area, whether man-made or natural.

They will typically be required within the early planning stages of a project by engineers, architects and those involved in planning & permissions, and can be vital in avoiding any costly issues further down the line.

Our topographical surveys can be supplied in a range of professional formats, ready for sharing with various other professionals, and in traditional paper copies. We use only the latest equipment and software and can tailor our surveys to meet your individual requirements.

Setting Out

Once your project plans are ready and the planning stages of your project are complete, you'll need to transfer those plans onto the physical landscape ready to start construction. This is where 'setting out' takes place.

Communication is vital during this stage as any incorrect positioning can not only significantly delay a project, adding costs, but can also result in boundary disputes and other adverse issues. This is one reason why we maintain our friendly customer service as such a core value.

Accuracy is also of the highest importance, to ensure your project runs smoothly and your final results are the best they can be. To achieve this we use the latest GPS-assisted and robotic on-site technology.

Setting Out
Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys

Required for a variety of reasons, boundary surveys enable a client to receive up-to-date and highly accurate boundary info for their residential, commercial or governmental property.

During events such as boundary disputes or land enquiries you may need someone like Davies Land Surveyors to provide this information, and that's where we can help, providing a current representation of current site conditions.

The results can then be provided in a variety of formats depending who we need to deal with, all carried out with friendly local customer service.

As-built Surveys

Also known as a 'physical survey', an as-built survey is conducted during a project to show its state at various stages throughout the duration of a project.

It also serves to support final sign-off documentation to a project to verify that the completed work was carried out in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards, and according to the project brief.

As-Built Surveys

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